2019 Meeting Schedule






2019 Branch General Meetings


  Date Venue Speakers & Topics Sponsorship / 15min Presentation
1 Friday 22nd February Coopers, CAMBRIDGE Harvey Brown – Sir John Walsh
2 Friday 29th March Mills Reef, TAURANGA


Bernie Pollard – Voluntary work


Day Course Friday 7th June Millennium Hotel, ROTORUA Earning your money and keeping it



3 Friday 28th June

Daltons Plantation,


Dr Ross Pellow – Communicate for Success
4 Friday 26th July Mills Reef, TAURANGA

Young Dentist presentations


5 Friday 20th September Daltons Plantation, MATAMATA David Crum – topic TBC
6 Friday 25th October



Assil Russell – topic TBC
Day Course/AGM Friday 8th November

Zealong Estate, Hamilton


Compliance Day:

“I tick the boxes but do I comply?”



Executive Meetings 2019




1 Tuesday 12th February Matamata
2 Tuesday 12th March Matamata
3 Tuesday 9th April Matamata
4 Tuesday 18th June Matamata
5 Tuesday 10th September Matamata
6 Tuesday 15th October Matamata
All Exec Meetings currently being held at Osteria, 59 Broadway Matamata


 2018 Branch General Meetings
  Date Venue Speakers & Topics Sponsorship / 15min Presentation
1 Friday 23th February Coopers, CAMBRIDGE

Marcus Lund

Practice design considerations for efficiency, safety and preventing RSI injuries.

Henry Schein Dental
2 Friday 23rd March Mills Reef, TAURANGA

Karen Turanga – Professional Safe

Introduction to HSWA Roles and Responsibilities in the Dental Environment – Help getting your practice compliant.

Day Course Friday 4th May Millennium Hotel, ROTORUA

Graeme Milicich

Biomechanics and Biomimetics
The restorative impact.

Henry Schein  Ivoclar
3 Friday 29th June

Daltons Plantation,


Radu Goga

Reciproc System + Endodontic Update

4 Friday 27th July Mills Reef, TAURANGA

Nitish Surathu

Implant topic

5 Friday 21st September Daltons Plantation, MATAMATA Doug Mitchell
Tips and Tricks with Crown and Bridge
6 Friday 26th October

The Boatshed,


Dr Ben Harris

Health, Evolution, Teeth and our Microbiome

AGM Friday 30th November Zealong Tea Estate

Sam Gaze, Olympian, on Overcoming Adversity



Executive Meetings 2018  Venue
1 Tuesday 13th February Matamata  – Osteria
2 Tuesday 13th March Matamata  – Osteria
3 Tuesday 10th April Matamata  – Osteria
4 Tuesday 19th June Matamata  – Osteria
5 Tuesday 18th September Matamata  – Osteria
6 Tuesday 16th October Matamata  – Osteria
All Exec Meetings to be held at Osteria Restaurant, Matamata
 2017 Branch General Meetings
  Date Venue Speakers & Topics Sponsorship / 15min Presentation
1 Friday 24th February Avanti Velodrome,

Prof. Paul Brunton. Dean of University of Otago School of Dentistry

Dental School renovations/class size. Dental school issues….

2 Friday 31st March Mills Reef, TAURANGA

Dr Donna Kennedy, a review of

Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancer in New Zealand

Day Course Friday 5th May Millennium Hotel, ROTORUA

Dr Dave Jardine/Dr Paul Templer

Medical emergencies within the dental surgery, crisis management, and pharmacological considerations

3 Friday 30th June Daltons Plantation, MATAMATA

Don Schwass

topic to be confirmed

4 Friday 28th July Mills Reef, TAURANGA

Derek Goodisson

NRONJ: an update

5 Friday 29th September

Avanti Velodrome,


Colleen Coulter GC NZ

Latest  developments and techniques with regard to dental materials.

6 Friday 27th October Daltons Plantation, MATAMATA
Mike Gordon. Improving Endo Outcomes….radiography…
AGM Friday 24th November TAURANGA

No meetings April (School holidays, Easter, Anzac Day).

Easter = Fri 14th – Mon 17th Apri

Proposed dates for NZDA Conference 9-12 August 2017



Executive Meetings 2017  Venue
1 Tuesday 14th February Matamata
2 Tuesday 21st March Matamata
3 Tuesday 18th April Matamata
4 Wednesday 21st June Matamata
5 Tuesday 19th September Matamata
6 Tuesday 17th October Matamata
All Exec Meetings to be held at Daltons Plantation, 180 Hinuera Rd West, Matamata

 Meeting Schedule 2017

2016 General Meetings/Day Course/AGM
  Date Venue Speakers & Topics Sponsorship / 15min Presentation
1 Friday 26th February Daltons Plantation, MATAMATA

Dr Heather Keall (AKLND)

Orthodontic treatment/Cleft palate

2 Friday 1st April Mills Reef, TAURANGA

Dr Nicolas Cole (AKLND)

Periodontal considerations

Geistlich Pharma
Day Course Friday 6th May Millennium Hotel, ROTORUA

Dr Michael Mandikos

Specialist Prosthodontist

Dr Keith Doonan

3 Friday 24th June

Avanti Velodrome,


Dr Peter Cathro (OTAGO)

Endo-Perio lesions

4 Friday 29th July Mills Reef, TAURANGA

Dr Craig Campbell (AKLND)


5 Friday 26th August Daltons Plantation, MATAMATA

Dr Nina Vasan (AKLND)

Hypomineralisation of teeth

6 Friday 30th September

Avanti Velodrome,


Dr Andrew Mackie

Rehab.of hypomineralisation

AGM Friday 25th November

Skyline Gondola


No meetings April (School holidays, Easter, Anzac Day). No meetings August (NZDA Conference)



Executive Meetings 2016 Venue
1 Tuesday 16th February Matamata
2 Tuesday 15th March Matamata
3 Tuesday 19th April Matamata
4 Tuesday 14th June Matamata
5 Tuesday 16th August Matamata
6 Tuesday 20th September Matamata
All Exec Meetings to be held at Daltons Plantation, 180 Hinuera Rd West, Matamata


2016 Meeting Schedule



  Date Venue Speakers & Topics Sponsorship / 15min Presentation
1 Friday 27th February MATAMATA
Daltons Plantation
Phillip Marshall
Hospital Dental Departments
2 Friday 27th March CAMBRIDGE
Avanti Velodrome
Ross Olgle
GP medical perspective
Day Course Friday 1st May ROTORUA
Millennium Hotel
Dr Geoffrey Borlase
Managing the elderly dentition
3 Friday 26th June TAURANGA
Mills Reef Winery

Dr Nitish Surathu
Overseas trained dentists

4 Friday 31st July MATAMATA
Daltons Plantation
Tasha Mackie
Peri implantitis
5 Friday 25th September TAURANGA
Mills Reef Winery
Andrew Newsome
Prosthodontic t/p
6 Friday 30th October CAMBRIDGE
Avanti Velodrome
Simon Oliver, Neil Piccione
Waikato House Surgeons
AGM Friday 27th November



Adam Balastoti
Nip tuck

No General Meeting in April (Day Course early May). No meetings August (Usually NZDA Conference)


Executive Meetings 2015 Venue
1 Tuesday 17th February Matamata
2 Tuesday 17th March Matamata
3 Tuesday 21st April Matamata
4 Tuesday 16th June Matamata
5 Tuesday 15th September Matamata
6 Tuesday 20th October Matamata
All Exec Meetings to be held at Daltons Plantation, 180 Hinuera Rd West, Matamata


2014 Branch General Meetings


Date Venue Speakers & Topics Sponsorship / 15min Presentation


Friday 28th February TAURANGA     Mills Reef Winery Simon Brown – Specialist Prosthodontist TOPIC: Rehabilitation of patients post-cancer treatment. Dental management of the cancer patient relating to the effects of radiation treatment and the requirements for tooth extraction in the irradiated patient.


Friday 28th March MATAMATA Daltons Plantation Dr. J Neil Waddell – Senior Lecturer, Department of Oral Rehabilitation, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Otago TOPIC: The role of fatigue in failure of restorations.

Day Course

Friday 2nd May ROTORUA Millennium Hotel Prof. Anita Nolan / Assoc. Prof. Darryl Tong TOPIC: Oral Medicine 3M Espe,
HenrySchein Shalfoon, Ivoclar Vivodent


Friday 27th June MATAMATA Daltons Plantation Tania Stuart Beck BDS: TOPIC: Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry of a Complaint  Part 1 Neoss


Friday 25th July MATAMATA Daltons Plantation Kelsi Gibbs BDS:
TOPIC: A Literature Review of Adolescent Oral Health Care in New Zealand.


Friday 26th September TAURANGA     Mills Reef Winery Jocelyn Logan BDS: TOPIC: How to turn a Complaint into a positive learning experience  Part 2


Friday 31st October HAMILTON Cambridge Avantidrome Prof  Vic Arcus, Molecular Biology, University of Waikato. TOPIC: The Human Microbiome.


Friday 28th November MATAMATA
 Tour of Hobbiton.