2021 Executive Committee

As a whole, the WBOP Branch Executive helps run Branch Meetings and the Day Course during the year.

Branch General Meetings are usually on the last Friday of every month at various venues in Matamata, Hamilton and Tauranga. The general format of each General Meeting is an informal gathering with drinks from 6.30pm-7.00pm, Dinner 7.00pm-8.00pm, General Branch Meeting 8.00pm-8.30pm, Guest Speaker 8.30pm-9.30pm.

Branch members are encouraged to advise the Executive Committee of items they would like to discuss in General Business before the meeting, rather than on the night. Correspondence from the wider public and dental/allied professions is also discussed at the meetings. There are usually 6 – 7 General Meetings per year including the AGM and an equal number of Executive Meetings. Some Executive Meetings are conducted via Zoom.

Executive roles

Details of role-specific responsibilities are outlined below. Executive members may also need to do additional work outside the roles described to serve the Branch effectively. Past office holders may be found on the Roll of honour page.


Fiona Paterson
PO Box 9563, Hamilton

The President chairs monthly General Meetings, monthly Executive Meetings and the Day Course liaising with the Executive and Branch Administrator on related organisation. The Day Course is a particular focus. The President’s term is generally one year.

Vice President

PO Box 9563, Hamilton

The Vice President supports the President and organises the Day Course for the following year. The Vice President becomes President (without election) at the end of the incumbent President’s term. The Vice President usually chairs General Meetings if the President does not attend.

Past President

Gus Ariaens
PO Box 9563, Hamilton

Once the President finishes a term, he or she automatically becomes Past President. The role maintains continuity within the Executive by helping to transfer experience and information from year to year.


Fiona Bailey
PO Box 9563, Hamilton


The Secretary manages and holds minutes of each General and Executive Committee Meeting and the AGM. The Secretary also receives correspondence on matters relating to the Branch from dental and allied health professions, as well as the wider public. They oversee the Branch membership database, processing new member applications and collating all membership information. The current secretary also manages the Branch website, keeping this up to date.


John Whelan
PO Box 9563, Hamilton


The Treasurer collects Branch subscriptions and manages its accounts and cash flow. Our Treasurer prepares the Annual Report for review by a Chartered Accountant.

Board Delegates

Angus Campbell
PO Box 847, Rotorua

John Twaddle
9 Simpkins Street, Whakatane


Two WBOP Branch delegates serve on the NZDA Board to communicate Branch issues to its Executive. The delegates are usually elected from members who have previously held a Branch Executive position. The Board Delegates also keep our Branch members informed of current issues discussed at the NZDA Board meeting. Written reports covering all relevant issues discussed between the NZDA and the Branch are distributed to all Branch members after each NZDA Board Meeting. There are usually six NZDA Exec meetings per year and two Board meetings.

Consumer Affairs Officers

Rob Aitken (Hamilton)
PO Box 9563, Hamilton

Bernie Pollard (Tauranga and Rotorua)
PO Box 9563, Hamilton

Consumer Affairs Officers (CAO) are the first port of call for complaints or compliments to the Branch regarding members. Concerns or problems between Branch members may also be referred to the CAO. Often the CAO mediates between parties to resolve issues at Branch level. If this is unsuccessful, the matter will be referred to NZDA, the Health and Disability Commissioner or the New Zealand Dental Council.
For any complaints, these need to be in writing and posted to the Branch postal address:
PO Box 9563, Hamilton 3240.

Area Liaison Officers

Simon Lou (Hamilton)
PO Box 9563, Hamilton

Cheryl Downey (Tauranga)
PO Box 9563, Hamilton

George Hermans (Rotorua)
PO Box 9563, Hamilton

Area Liaison Officers welcome new members to the Branch and encourage members and potential new members to attend the General Meetings. New member information is passed onto the Area Liaison Officer by the Branch Administrator or Secretary.

Branch Administrator


An employee of the Waikato BOP Branch, the Branch Administrator is our behind the scenes manager, booking meeting venues and liaising with guest speakers. The Branch Administrator writes and distributes the minutes for both Executive and General Meetings. Other duties include responding to new member enquiries, organising the Day Course and liaising with venues, speakers and the NZDA regarding advertising. The Branch Administrator also assists the Treasurer by emailing membership subscription invoices and recording payments. Our Branch Administrator is Sheryl Moore.

Non-Executive Committee Roles

Branch Welfare Officer

Our Branch Welfare Officer provides advice or support for those Dentists who have been unwell (physically, mentally, including drug or alcohol abuse, or who have suffered personal family tragedy or loss). The Welfare Officer(s) will respect privacy at all times. They may seek to assist the affected dentist or they may be acting on the request of the affected dentist, others or complaints. Our Branch Welfare Officer is Angus Campbell. His contact details can be found in the member’s area of this website.